Chest Flye and Press on the Ball

Chest Flye and Press on the Ball

Move: Sit on a ball, holding medium weights. Roll out until your shoulder blades touch the ball. Squeeze your glutes to lift your hips and rest your head on the ball. Hold the weights over your chest, hands turned so your palms are facing. As the weights go down into a fl ye, squeeze your shoulder blades together. To do a chest press, turn the weights so they are end to end. Bring the weights down, engaging the shoulder blades, and then press them back up.

Repetitions: 12 chest fl yes and 12 chest presses.


• Knit your ribs together and pull the navel in toward the spine. Do not let your back arch.

• Use your glutes to press your hips up. Don’t let the hips drop.

• Stay in control when doing fl yes and presses. Do not let your weights sink lower than your shoulders. Keep the muscles active.

• Squeeze the shoulder blades together to anchor the upper back when the weights are in the lowest position.

• If you do not have a stability ball, use a dense pillow so your torso is slightly above the floor.