This Week’s Meal Options

This Week’s Meal Options

Meals: For optimum results this week, substitute one or two of the meals with a protein shake using any of recipes from the Shakes Category.

Vegetables: The menu lists “with a vegetable” choose any vegetables recipe in the Sides Category.

Snacks: You can choose up to two snacks each day from the Snacks Category.

Focus for the week:

  • Eat three meals + two snacks a day.

  • Eat every three to four hours.

Breakfast Options:

Berry Oatmeal Crunch Recipe








Berry Oatmeal Crunch

Kathy Smith's Green Smoothie Recipe


Kathy’s Green Smoothie
Breakfast Burrito








Breakfast Burrito

Kathy Smith's Healthy Quick-Fix Egg Scramble

Quick-Fix Egg Scramble


Lunch Options

Red Berry Sunrise Shake











Red Berry Sunrise Shake 

Farmers Market Chopped Salad











Farmers Market Chopped Salad
Apple A La Mode Shake

Choco-Monkey Protein Shake
Choco Monkey Protein Shake

BLT Wrap

Mediterranean Chicken Wrap-Ups

Edamame And Spinach Salad

Dinner Options

Salmon Sald With Miso Dressing

Asian Glazed Salmon with a vegetable

Fish in a packet with a vegetable

Tuscan Chicken with a vegetable

Chicken Skewers with a vegetable

Dessert Options

Grilled pineapple topped with plain yogurt










Grilled Pineapple

Serving of yogurt and granola

Granola-Topped Peaches

Snack Options

Frozen Grapes
Frozen Grapes

Tuna Tubs

Mediterranean Yachts

Caprese Gondolas