Tuck in Plank, Optional Swivel Under (Core)

Tuck in Plank, Optional Swivel Under

Move: Go into a plank position with hands and feet on the fl oor. Pull the right knee in toward your chest, keeping your hips low. Lean into your arms as you tuck, bringing the knee all the way to your elbow. Repeat with the left knee, alternating right and left.

Repetitions: 12 tucks on each side.

Optional Swivel Under: Pull your right knee into your chest; swivel the left foot, bringing your right knee under you to your left. Lift your right tucked knee as high as you can. Finish by tucking the knee to your chest and then place it back on the floor, bracing your core muscles. Repeat with the left knee tucked and swiveled under.

Repetitions: 8 swivels each side.


• Your body should start in a straight line. Do not let your hips sag or pop up.

• Do not swing the knee toward your chest; squeeze it in.

• When you swivel squeeze the knee up in a tuck. Do not swing it up.

• Beginners can work up to this exercise by first mastering the moves on forearms and knees.

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