Free DVD Offer

Free DVD Offer!

Still have that old Kathy VHS from the 1980’s that is so worn and overplayed that it barely works on your clunky VHS video machine?

It’s time to upgrade to the new millennium and get your FREE Kathy workout DVD!  It’s really as easy as 1, 2, 3!!!

Kathy's Facebook Wall Kathy's Facebook Wall Free DVD Offer Tab

*Offer valid while supplies last.



4 thoughts on “Free DVD Offer”

  1. I cannot access Kathy’s facebook page. I’ve tried every link, and I’ve tried searching her, but I can’t get to it. I really need the DVD because my vhs’ are all worn out. Help, please!

  2. I went to the facebook page but don’t see a tab for the Free DVD Offer.

    Will you be shipping to Canada.

    thanks, jen

  3. Hi! I still have a stack of KS videos because I can’t bare to part with them (I brought them with me when I moved to Australia 16 yrs ago and bought online when I got here). Will you post to the far away land of Australia? If yes, what would the shipping cost be? Cheers!

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