Protein Shakes

For optimum results during Week 1, I encourage you to substitute one of my nutritious power shakes for up to two meals a day. These delicious, easy-to-make shakes will help supercharge your weight loss for a reason you may not expect. They remove the temptation to “cheat” as you cook a meal, tasting a little here and a little there. Because they pack a perfect mix of protein, healthy fat, and carbs, they will give you lots of energy and keep you feeling satisfied. By mixing them into Week 1, you will maximize results and put yourself on a faster track.

Shakes have been a part of my life for decades.
[Link to Shake Recipes]

While they are extremely helpful during Week 1 for keeping calories in check, feel free to substitute a shake for a meal whenever you like in the next six weeks. I regularly drink shakes because I just love how much energy and nutrition they provide without a lot of fuss. You will soon have these shake recipes memorized for whenever you want a pick-me-up or have a craving for something cold, smooth, and filling.

If you are accustomed to sugary-fruit smoothies and ice cream-based shakes, it may take time to get used to my blends, which include protein powder. Most grocery stores now carry protein powder. Make sure you don’t buy “meal replacement” powder. Look for a brand that contains whey, egg whites, or soy and has a serving size of about 2 tablespoons or 100 calories. Feel free to play with the ingredients too. If you prefer icier blends over thicker ones, just add more ice, try frozen fruit instead of fresh, and mix in water instead of milk. Protein powders also come in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. You can mix these flavors in the recipes to your heart’s desire.

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