RBringing Back Carbs

RBringing Back Carbs

You will continue to eat three meals and two snacks a day, but you’ll bring back grains and starchy carbohydrates, such as breads, pastas, rice, and potatoes. During Week 2 I have again taken away all the guesswork by giving you a week’s worth of great-tasting, fresh meals. These easy-to-prepare meals will help you train your body to feel satisfied with the perfect calorie load for you.

[Link to Meal Plan]

Despite what you may have heard about recent diet crazes and fads, carbohydrates are critical for supplying energy, building muscle, keeping you full, and fueling your brain. The right starches also are necessary for successful weight loss. The fact is that if you are not getting enough carbs, your body will turn to muscle for energy, breaking it down and converting its protein molecules to glucose for much-needed fuel. While it can use fat for energy in the absence of any glucose or glycogen (stored glucose), it is easier for the body to resort to muscle. This pushes you in the wrong direction. To avoid this muscle-wasting, fat-paralysis state, you need to have a steady intake of starchy carbohydrates in your diet.

There are many healthy carbohydrates from which to choose from during Kathy Smith’s ReShape and they deserve special attention because everyone responds differently to them. Some carbs can trigger reactions in your body that can work against your weight loss goals and, ultimately, your overall health. I will teach you the common guidelines for choosing healthy carbs, and you will tune in to how you feel after eating them. You will quickly catch on to which carbs you should eat frequently, which you should eat occasionally, and which you should eat rarely.

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