Part 1 – The ReShape Diet

Designing Your Meals

Food is a source of profound pleasure. I love the crunch of an apple, the texture and smell of warm bread, the savory taste of roasted chicken. I delight in the cool sweetness of ice cream and the absolute ecstasy of chocolate cake. I cherish the meals my family and I share in our kitchen as much as I do great meals prepared in restaurants. I love food, and I love to eat.

What I have learned about food reflects what I have learned about life: Food has to be both functional and flexible. It has to meet my nutritional needs while allowing my choices to vary day to day. The same goes for you too. While it is certainly OK to have your own set of guidelines to follow, they needn’t be extremely rigid and unyielding. Don’t choose food just because you think it is “good for you” when you really don’t like it. What fun is that?

Choose foods based on how they serve you physically, mentally, and emotionally. You can become a “functional” eater by learning to assess your needs at any given moment and how to decide what to eat based on those needs. This is something most of us are not used to doing. Either we get lazy and don’t want to think about what we eat or we go on an unrealistic diet that tells us exactly what to eat.

Consistency is not about rigidity. If you do “slip,” all you do is get back on track as soon as possible. Eventually you find yourself slipping less and less. When you blend consistency with flexibility, you achieve a truly functional approach to food and eating. You learn how to incorporate food into your life in a way that makes sense for your body and the way you live.

Remember, the Feed Muscle, Shrink Fat plan is based on my science-supported formula for healthy weight loss: Protein + Vitamin C + Fiber = Weight Loss

These are the ingredients your body craves for optimum health. Commit this equation to memory to help you choose the superfoods that will fuel muscles, shrink fat, and boost your overall health. I will teach you how to identify the foods that contain these essential ingredients. Once you know that, what to eat becomes second nature.

As you’re about to learn, lean proteins, wholesome vegetables, and nonstarchy grains will be your staples at virtually every meal. These are the foods that lie at the heart of the Feed Muscle, Shrink Fat blueprint. I will help you choose the right foods so you learn to design nutritious, delicious meals. This program is all about being satisfied, and there is no room for deprivation.

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