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Eggs: The Perfect Protein

Eggs: The Perfect Protein

When you’re trying to lose weight and maintain lean muscle mass, protein isn’t just important…it’s a must! A great way to increase protein into your diet is by adding eggs. On average, eggs contain 6 grams of protein and has the highest “biological value” of protein — a measure of how well it supports your body’s protein need — of any food.

So, egg protein is more effective for maintaining muscle than protein of other sources, even milk and beef. Eggs also contain: B12, folic acid, folate, zinc, selinium iron and vitamin E.

The Best Breakfast

eggsEggs get a standing ovation. Packed with high-quality protein, B vitamins, and the antioxidant selenium, eggs are one of the world’s perfect foods. They do contain a small amount of saturated fat (about 1.5 grams) and cholesterol, but they still deliver a wholesome punch of nutrients. You can eliminate some fat and cholesterol by mixing whole eggs with egg whites.

Quick-Fix Eggs

Poached Eggs on ToastTry two eggs or egg whites with salsa or sliced tomatoes on a piece of whole grain toast with salt and pepper to taste. Chopped fresh cilantro or parsley and a sprinkle of light Parmesan cheese can turn plain eggs into a delightful meal with intense flavor.


My Challenge To You

Commit to eating a wholesome breakfast. Eating breakfast has been proven (many times) to not only stimulate metabolism and help with weight and cholesterol control, but also to improve concentration, problem-solving ability, mental performance, memory, and mood. By eating breakfast you can set yourself up for maintaining healthy eating habits throughout the day…and don’t forget the eggs!