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7 Tiny Yet Effective Barre Moves For Tight, Lifted Arms

Although the small, concentrated movements appear easy at first, trust me…they’ll help your arms defy gravity. Watch The Video >

What Flat Abs Mean For Heart Health

What Flat Abs Mean For Heart Health

Your waistline may be sending you an important message. Multiple studies have shown that abdomen fat is a predictor of a person’s risk for heart disease. Read More >

Increase Deep Sleep By Up To 81%

This 30-min audio is simply a creative visualization method where you comfortably close your eyes, take your focus off the world, and live in your imagination. Listen now >

Coconut Blueberry Protein Shake

Try this Coconut Blueberry protein shake when you need to break old habits, when you’re indulgences are spinning out of control, or when you’re hitting a weight loss plateau.  Recipe >

1-Day Energy Makeover

If you’re feeling exhausted before the day even begins, and want to feel refreshed and ready to take on your day, try these tips for one day to get more mojo than a cup of joe ever could! Get Started >

Business Rockstars Radio Show

I sat down with Ken from Business Rockstars to talk about how weighing yourself on a scale is overrated… Watch Now >

Sick Of Feeling Tired, Irritable, Or Worn Out?

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Introducing The New Way To Workout

New and upcoming tech gadgets to do more than just lose weight

Health In The Palm Of Your Hands!

This handheld device is the perfect tool to help your friends and family achieve and maintain the best health possible! If you’re ready to be WOWed, watch this video!

Change The Way You Workout – NEW ReShape App Coming February 2016

Imagine if you could receive your daily workouts and daily meal plans delivered straight to your smartphone. Now, you can…with the NEW ReShape app. ReShape is at the center of a scientific revolution. It’s no fad – it’s the key to aging gracefully. By training your mind and body, you can guarantee your own good health, both physically and mentally.