6 Mindful Ways To Lose Weight

6 Mindful Ways To Lose Weight

The new year symbolizes a new beginning, and a chance to celebrate life more fully. So as we enter into 2015, committing to our resolutions, let’s set ourselves up for success.

My friend and yoga expert, Wayne Lehrer, is a celebrated author of The Prodigy Within, a program geared to discovering your life’s purpose. Wayne has studied the science and the spirituality behind living an enlightened life and developing a set of guiding principles that will help you become your best self.

Here are 6 of Wayne’s tips that will help elevate your mind and body in 2015:

Walk In Gratitude, Live In Grace

walking_in_blue.1Do a gratitude list of at least 5 items (people, situations, etc.) every morning to remind yourself of what you have to be grateful for. When you are grateful for what you are given, then all that you are given becomes a Gift.

[If you’re looking for an uplifting way to embrace life on a daily basis, treat yourself by going on a gratitude walk!

To do this, simply step outside and enjoy nature while you quietly reflect on the gifts you’ve been given. Then after 10 minutes, pump up the pace and turn your gratitude walk into a calorie-burner with the FREE 30-minute Lean Walk download here]

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Be conscious that everything that comes out of your mouth shapes your reality. When you speak in a positive and uplifting way about yourself and others then that is the world you live in.

Put On A Happy Face

Though this may seem terribly trivial, when you change your face you change your state of mind and how the world sees you. Try an experiment; see how you are feeling, find a positive thought and lift the corners of your mouth (smile): a simple change, an enormous difference.

Practice Loving Kindness

When you treat your body, mind and spirit with loving kindness you receive a great gift and have so much more to give to others. If you are to live 80-100 years and fulfill your dreams, you must pay attention to what makes you flourish, eliminate things that don’t serve you and gain the wisdom to know the difference.

Learn To Let Go — To Live In The Flow

FLEXAPPEALCOVERFINAL10b3df1) Quit arguing with reality, 2) train yourself to accept what is and 3) know that things are not always as they appear. The best way to continue living in the Flow is by maintaining a daily practice of yoga, meditation and prayer.

Be Of Service

From sharing supportive words, to volunteering, to fulfilling your life’s purpose, being of service improves the quality of your life as much as those you serve by affording you abundant opportunities to share your talents, gifts and passions. Ask yourself the question, “If I had 6 months left to live what do I most want to be remembered for?”

Squat with Bicep Curl & Overhead Pres

Squat with Bicep Curl & Overhead Press


What it does:

  • This full-body fast-blasting exercise tones your legs, glutes, core, arms and shoulders all in one movement.

How to do it:

  • Holding a dumbbell in each hand, start with a squat: Engage your core as you slowly lower the hips toward the floor as if you’re sitting back into a chair. Sink down low, forming a 90-degree angle with your lower body and the floor, but make sure your knees never jut forward past your toes. Keep your weight in your heels, shoulders down and relaxed, chest up, and eyes forward.
  • As you push back up to standing, do a bicep curl, bringing both weights up toward your shoulders. Be sure to feel a squeeze in the front of the arm to make sure you’re getting the most out of the move.
  • At the top of your bicep curl, rotate the dumbbells until your palms face forward. Then push the weights up into an overhead press.


  • Start without weights, and practice each of the three parts of this exercise separately at first while you master the form. Start by focusing only on squats, then on bicep curls, then overhead presses. Once you feel comfortable with the move, practice combining the movements in an easy, fluid manner – and when you’re ready, add some resistance with light dumbbells.


  • Try doubling up on each movement: So instead of doing a single squat followed by a single bicep curl followed by a single overhead press, do two of each: 2 squats, 2 bicep curls, and 2 overhead presses. That’s one set.

Rear Dip Lunge With Tricep Kickback

Rear Dip Lunge With Tricep Kickback

lunge-with-tricep-kickbackHow to do it:

  • Holding a dumbbell in each hand, step your left foot directly behind you, taking a wide stance, and bend your legs, lowering your torso down into a lunge. Be sure and maintain that core stability to prevent injury.
  • While in lunge position, keep your shoulders over your hips, back knee slightly bent, front knee in alignment with your front toes, shoulders back and down.
  • Feel your weight in your right (front) heel as you push yourself to standing.
  • As you return to standing, do a tricep kickback: Reach your arms back behind you and extend, feeling a squeeze in the tricep.


  • Practice the lunge and tricep kickback movements separately and without weights at first.


  • When you come to standing, use your core muscles to lift the back leg off the floor and extend it behind you, squeezing the glutes as you perform the tricep kickback.

Warm-Up Step Touch with Cross-Back Leg and Opposition Arms

Warm-Up Step Touch with Cross-Back Leg and Opposition Arms

Move: To warm up your body, step side to side, tapping your leg diagonally behind you while reaching the same arm as leg to the front. Gradually make the movement bigger.

Repetitions: 30 on each side.


• Stand erect, shoulders back, chest up, and head lifted tall. Pull your abdominal muscles in.

• Stretch your arm forward and your leg back in opposition, feeling the mild stretch through the torso.

• Adding propulsion can increase the intensity of the move. Propulsion can be added by simply leaping out of the tap, landing softly into the next step.

Warm-Up Move: Rhythmic Lunge with Backstroke

Warm-Up Move: Rhythmic Lunge with Backstroke

Move: Stand with your feet wide. Shift your body weight side to side. When you lunge to the right, backstroke your right arm, with your shoulder blade initiating the move. As you lunge left, backstroke the left arm.

Repetitions: 30 total (15 to the right and 15 to the left).


• Feet wide. Do not let your knees jut over your toes in the lunge.

• Feel the ribs open up and the shoulders and shoulder blades move as you make the move bigger.

Tuck in Plank, Optional Swivel Under

Tuck in Plank, Optional Swivel Under

Move: Go into a plank position with hands and feet on the floor. Pull the right knee in toward your chest, keeping your hips low. Lean into your arms as you tuck, bringing the knee all the way to your elbow. Repeat with the left knee, alternating right and left.

Repetitions: 12 tucks on each side.

Optional Swivel Under: Pull your right knee into your chest; swivel the left foot, bringing your right knee under you to your left. Lift your right tucked knee as high as you can. Finish by tucking the knee to your chest and then place it back on the floor, bracing your core muscles. Repeat with the left knee tucked and swiveled under.

Repetitions: 8 swivels each side.


• Your body should start in a straight line. Do not let your hips sag or pop up.

• Do not swing the knee toward your chest; squeeze it in.

• When you swivel squeeze the knee up in a tuck. Do not swing it up.

• Beginners can work up to this exercise by first mastering the moves on forearms and knees.


Triceps Stretch

Triceps Stretch

Move: Sit, kneel, or stand tall. Lift your right arm overhead. Bend your elbow, aiming it toward the ceiling. Use your left hand to pull the right elbow back, stretching the tricep muscles. Hold the stretch on each side for 20 to 30 seconds.


• Keep your head tall when performing the stretch. Do not let it bow forward.

• Keep your abdominal muscles pulled inward.

Tricep Kickback and Posterior Deltoid Lift in a Squat

Tricep Kickback and Posterior Deltoid Lift in a Squat

Move: Hold light to medium weights. Stand with your feet hip width apart and bend your knees, driving your hips back into a squat. Tuck your elbows into your waist, then straighten your elbows behind you. Then lift the straight arms. As you bend your elbows back in, return to standing.

Repetitions: 15 total.


• In the squat sit back into your heels.

• Control the weights. Do not allow them to have momentum or swing.

• Aim your elbows high in the tricep press.

• Keep your shoulders back, chest up and open, and spine straight.

• Pull your navel toward your spine.

Tricep Extension on Exercise Ball

Tricep Extension on Exercise Ball

Move: Roll out on the ball as you did for chest flyes and presses. Bring the weights over your head, bending your elbows until the weights just barely tap the ball. Keep your upper arms at that angle as you straighten and bend your elbows.

Repetitions: 12 to 15.


• Do not let your back arch. Tuck your pelvis slightly and keep the abdominal muscles active.

• Keep your elbows over your forehead. Do not let them move as you do the presses.

• If your shoulder muscles are tight, you may not be able to tap the ball.

• Lower the weights as close to the ball as you can, staying within a range of motion that is comfortable for your body.

Step-Back Lunge with Cross Chop

Step-Back Lunge with Cross Chop

Move: Reach your arms diagonally across your body to the left as you step back with your right leg and dip into a lunge. Pull your arms across your body to the right hip as you slide your right leg back to standing.

Repetitions: 12 on each side.


• Step back far enough into the lunge so that the front knee is directly over the front ankle.

• When your arms reach diagonally above your shoulder, hold your core muscles tight to keep the lower back from arching.

• The move can be done with a towel or weights.

• For a challenge lift your knee toward your chest, balancing on one foot instead of coming just to standing.