Crunch on the Ball (Core)

Crunch on the Ball

Move: Sit on the ball, then roll out by walking your feet away from the ball until they are under your knees. Place your hands behind your head, supporting your head and neck. Lift your shoulders off the ball by sliding your ribs down toward the top of your pelvis. As you go back down, do not release the ribs, but slide them back toward their original position with control. During all phases of the movement, pull your navel toward your spine.

Repetitions: 20 total.


• Slide the rib cage down toward the top of the pelvis and squeeze the abdominal muscles to finish the move.

• Placing your hips higher up on the ball is harder. Lower is easier.

• Feet closer together is harder. Feet wider apart is easier.

• If you do not have a ball, do these crunches on the floor.


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