Crunching Tabletop- Straight and Swivel (Core)

Crunching Tabletop- Straight and Swivel

Move: Lie on your back, knees over hips (tabletop position). Lift your shoulders into a crunch, squeezing the abdominal muscles. Bring your shoulders down, keeping tension on the muscle.

Repetitions: 20 total.

To swivel, place your hands behind your head and reach your right elbow toward your right ankle as you crunch, swiveling your knees toward the left. Repeat on the other side.

Repetitions: 12 on each side.


• When you swivel keep your feet and knees together and swivel them as one unit. Feel your ribs slide down toward the hips on the side you are working. The more you swivel the feet, the more you should feel the oblique muscles. Try not to move your knees into a tuck, but stay in a tabletop position.

• The move becomes more intense when your knees are farther away from your chest. If your spine arches off the fl oor (a form break), pull your knees back in toward your chest to decrease intensity.

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