Discus Thrower (Core)

Discus Thrower

Move: Stand with feet hip width apart, holding a light weight in each hand. Push your hips back into a squat and hold the weight in your right hand near your right ankle. As you rise keep the left foot parallel (do not let it pivot or move sideways), but pivot on the right toe, squeezing the right glute, turning your hips to face the left. As you do this, sweep the weight in a fluid motion from your feet, up and out, until it is over your head on the left.

Repetitions: 12 on each side.


• Chest up—do not collapse your spine as you squat.

• Sit back into your heels in the squat, attempting to bend your knees to a 90-degree angle.

• This move also works well with a ball or weighted medicine ball.

• As the weights sweep overhead, make sure that you remain under control.

• Do not let your back arch or round and keep your core muscles braced.

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