The Stress Solution: Train Your Body, Train Your Brain

The Stress Solution: Train Your Body, Train Your Brain

I’ve learned over the years about the benefits of a healthy diet, and I know that my eating habits have helped lower my stress levels.

In addition to maintaining a┬áhealthy┬álifestyle, there’s not a day in my life that I don’t take time for myself and practice my breathing technique (BLT…Breathing Listening Technique). Sometimes, it’s as little as two minutes. Other days, I may use this breathing technique for up to twenty minutes. Deep, meditative breathing is an essential part of my life.

Listen to my Stress BLT:

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Tips For Managing Stress:

1. Shoot For Sixes:
I’m a firm believer that we need to lower our expectations. We can’t always score tens in life nor expect those around us to be perfect either. Lower the bar.

2. Walk With A Friend:
Research shows that confiding in a trusted friend about problems is one of the best ways to lower stress.

3. Eat Smart:
Excess caffeine, alcohol and sugar all send the wrong messages to your body. Eat smart to reduce stress.

4. Deep Breathing:
There’s no better way to get out of an anxiety attack than to practice deep breathing techniques.

Here’s to your health!
Kathy Smith