Lunge Dip with Bicep Curl (Lower Body)

Lunge Dip with Bicep Curl

Move: Stand with your feet parallel, hip distance apart, holding a medium to heavy weight in each hand. Step back with your left leg and dip into a lunge. As you dip down bend your elbows, performing a bicep curl. Keeping your back straight, dip straight down and up.

Repetitions: 12 with the right leg in front and 12 with the left leg in front.


• Step back far enough into the lunge so that the front knee stays over the ankle as you dip down. The front knee should not drift forward over your toes.

• Keep your shoulders over your hips—do not lean forward.

• Your hip can go down as low as your knee (about a 90-degree bend of the knee).

• As you bicep curl keep your elbows directly underneath your shoulders.

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