Rolling Plank T-Stand on Forearms (Upper Body)

Rolling Plank T-Stand on Forearms

Move: Start in a modifi ed push-up position with your forearms and feet on the floor. Have your feet about 12 inches apart. Pull the navel in toward the spine and keep it there as you breathe in and out for about 15 seconds. Roll to your right forearm, turning both your feet onto their sides. With your left arm in the air, squeeze the shoulder blades together, opening your chest. Hold this for 15 seconds. Then roll to the left forearm, lifting your right arm into the air. Squeeze the shoulder blades together again and open the chest. Hold for 15 seconds.

Repetitions: 1 in the plank, 1 on right forearm, 1 on left forearm.


• Keep your abdominal muscles lifted and your navel pulled in toward your spine.

• Hips should stay lifted when rolling to a side.

• Pull the shoulder blades together when you lift one arm off the floor.

• As you do these moves, keep your body stiff and tight in the position.

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