Salt Substitutes

Salt Substitutes

Follow my suggestions to replace salt in your daily meals:


  • Use in rice and fish dishes.

Leaves (basil, mint, etc.)

  • Use with eggs, seafood, chicken, cucumbers, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, and beets.


  • Shake garlic powder onto salads, meat, fish, poultry, and into dressings. Chop fresh garlic to use in recipes.


  • It is a classic with meat, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetable soup, and eggplant.


  • It adds full flavor to fish soups, stews, and breads.


  • Use it sparingly at first for zing on chicken, fish, shellfish, and carrots and in dressings.

Salt-free Italian seasoning

  • Add it to boiling pasta water for an Italian accent.

Fresh lemon juice

  • Squeeze it on steamed vegetables, broiled fish, rice, or pasta.

Salt-free garlic and herb seasoning

  • Use it to liven up soups, sandwiches, or your home-cooked meals.

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