ReShape: Week Six


I’ve got some great news for you!  By week six you’ve acquired the knowledge you need and the discipline that is required to live the ReShape Program everyday for the rest of your life.  If you ever feel yourself slipping, just jump back to week one and give yourself a refresher course.  In honor of your success, week six is devoted to answering some of the common questions that my fans ask me.

Part 1: The ReShape Week Six Diet – Q and A with Kathy Smith

Q. How can I get more fiber in my diet?

A. Try to get at least 25 to 30 grams of fiber each day. Fiber helps with feeling satisfied after a meal and helps maintain regularity. When it comes to fiber, here are the best foods to eat:

  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Apples
  • Asparagus
  • Green beans
  • Beets
  • Broccoli
  • Corn Peas*
  • Black beans*
  • Pinto beans*
  • Lima beans*
  • Lentils*
  • Oat bran*
  • Barley*
  • Citrus fruits*
  • Flaxseed* (sprinkle on cereal or add to shakes)

*Good sources of soluble fiber, the heart-healthy kind

Q. My weight loss has slowed down. What can I do?

A. Hitting a plateau is a natural part of weight loss. The good news is that this could be a sign that your body has become more fit and efficient—using less energy to get more done. It also could be a sign of an invisible transition taking place inside the body whereby you’re still losing actual fat, but weight wise that loss is hiding behind some water retention and gains in muscle mass. This is when patience is in order.

If you don’t see the scale tick downward again in a week, it may be time to reflect on your exercise and diet habits. Sometimes pushing past a plateau and continuing to see results means increasing the intensity of your workouts and pushing your body harder. Keeping the body guessing doesn’t let it get used to your workouts and is what keeps you moving forward. On the diet front check your choices and make sure you haven’t been veering too far from the guidelines.

late night hungerQ. What can I do about late-night hunger?

A. If you’re encountering late-night hunger, first take a look at what you’re eating for dinner and make sure you’re eating enough to feel balanced and satisfied. If you had a satisfying and balanced meal but you still really want a little something to eat, it’s always best to eat some protein. A few almonds or slices of turkey are good choices. If that’s not enough, add a vegetable or piece of fruit to the protein. Watch your portions, but know that if you’re hungry, protein and produce are the best things to reach for.

Q. Can I have an occasional cocktail?

A. Did you know that a pi.a colada has 640 calories, which is more than a Big Mac? Here are some other alarming cocktail calorie counts that will get you thinking twice next time you place your order:

  • Long Island iced tea: 780 calories
  • Margarita: 740 calories
  • White Russian: 425 calories
  • Mai tai: 350 calories
  • Gin/Vodka tonic: 200 calories
  • Cosmopolitan: 150 calories

Q. Are there any banned foods on this diet?

A. I want you to make this important shift in your mindset: Forget about banning or limiting specific food groups. Instead focus on which nutrients are going to support your health and weight loss goals. In other words, if you’ve been counting carbohydrates or fat grams, it’s time to develop a new perspective. With the Feed Muscle, Shrink Fat plan, carbohydrates and fats will still be part of the language, but turning the attention to the three metabolism-maximizing nutrients can revolutionize your weight loss experience. It will take a lot of the confusion out of deciding what to eat.

Q. I don’t like lifting weights. I worry that I’ll get too bulky if I even try. Why is it so important?

A. Weight training is not only for jocks and muscle heads. It’s vital to our ability to stay looking and feeling our best because it helps build and preserve lean muscle mass. We begin to lose muscle mass naturally at about the age of 30, so maintaining as much as we can becomes critical. Cardio is invaluable to any fitness program, but too many people get caught up counting calories on the treadmill and disregard strength training completely.

It’s very difficult to build lean muscle mass and bone density through cardio alone; moreover, strength training is the ticket to boosting your metabolism— providing up to a 15 percent increase in metabolic rate. Cardio itself will burn calories and kick your metabolism up a notch, but without more muscle mass to demand a higher metabolism, you’ll still be working in a low gear. Strength training also keeps your metabolism humming longer after a workout than cardio alone would. In fact too much cardio can put pressure on your adrenal glands, leading to fatigue and stress on your body that will work against your weight loss goals. You shouldn’t worry about getting bulky; lifting weights doesn’t mean adding bulk to your body.

My Matrix system will sculpt and define your muscles while at the same time burning fat. It will also help prevent injury, minimize the loss of bone mass, and even release endorphins to improve your sense of well-being. Finally it’s worth noting that strength training has been shown over and over again to reduce the signs and symptoms of numerous diseases and chronic conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, back pain, and depression. With so many potential benefits, how can you say no? Strength training is the ultimate way to slow down your physiological clock.

Part 2: The ReShape Week Six Workouts – 20 Minutes Per Day

Day 1 – Lower Body (10 Minutes) and Core Workout (10 Minutes)

Lower Body Workouts

Core Workouts


Day 2 – Upper Body (10 Minutes) and Cardio Workout (10 Minutes)

Upper Body Workouts

Cardio Workouts


Day 3 – Lower Body (10 Minutes) and Core Workout (10 Minutes)

Lower Body Workouts

Core Workouts


Day 4 – Upper Body (10 Minutes) and Cardio Workout (10 Minutes)

Upper Body Workouts

Cardio Workouts


Day 5 – Lower Body (10 Minutes) and Core Workout (10 Minutes)

Lower Body Workouts

Core Workouts


Day 6 – Upper Body (10 Minutes) and Cardio Workout (10 Minutes)

Upper Body Workouts

Cardio Workouts