My weight loss has slowed down. What can I do

Q. My weight loss has slowed down. What can I do?

A. Hitting a plateau is a natural part of weight loss. The good news is that this could be a sign that your body has become more fit and efficient—using less energy to get more done. It also could be a sign of an invisible transition taking place inside the body whereby you’re still losing actual fat, but weight wise that loss is hiding behind some water retention and gains in muscle mass. This is when patience is in order.

If you don’t see the scale tick downward again in a week, it may be time to reflect on your exercise and diet habits. Sometimes pushing past a plateau and continuing to see results means increasing the intensity of your workouts and pushing your body harder. Keeping the body guessing doesn’t let it get used to your workouts and is what keeps you moving forward. On the diet front check your choices and make sure you haven’t been veering too far from the guidelines.

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